William E. Korbich Jr.

'94 Accounting

Vice President, Procurement, Johnson & Johnson

Favorite class at VSB and why?

Advanced Accounting was a great test of my interest and capabilities. It was a measure of what I had learned to-date and my abilities moving forward. When I did well in that class, it actually created a new sense of energy as I completed my collegiate career and prepared for my professional career.

Most important thing you learned?

Villanova offered a great variety of religion courses. While we were only required to take three courses, I took six. I have learned that the balance of ethics, morals and history within religion can and must be applied to business. I am proud to work for a company, Johnson & Johnson, that has a foundation in it's credo. It allows me to balance the critical elements of business fundamentals with practical corporate social responsibility for our stakeholders (patients, suppliers, communities, employees and shareholders). The religion courses I took at Villanova have given me that extra perspective to balance the pressures of financial objectives.

Favorite Villanova memory?

There really is no single memory that trumps all others. I made great friends, had a fantastic co-op experience and since I was new to the area, the experience at Villanova solidified my awareness and love for the Greater Philadelphia area. We have lived in three of the surrounding counties (six different towns) since graduation, finally settling down in Bucks County for the past thirteen years. The connections with Alumni at work and the community are full of pride and mutual respect!

What are you currently reading?

A variety of articles and research on my profession as well as new materials on applying to colleges, as our first child looks to start her collegiate career in 2017.

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