Paul Stein

'93 VSB

Advisory Partner, EY

Favorite class at VSB and why?

My favorite classes were the intermediate accounting classes. When my classes were scheduled, I was concerned because the professor was known to challenge you directly in class, was a hard grader and expected you to be absolutely ready for class. However, I found this environment really made me understand the topics more deeply. In fact, when I took the CPA exam I could hear the professor's words echoing in my head guiding me to the answer.

Most important thing you learned?

If you have the courage to ask, people will help you. My professors modeled this for me. When I left a class and felt that I needed more discussion or a few thoughts on how to move forward, they were there for me. This helped me be more successful. I still fight the urge to ask for help. But I often think back to this "Villanova Way" of asking for help and giving help to others to find courage.

Favorite Villanova memory?

Early morning physical training, classroom sessions and activities with my fellow Naval ROTC midshipmen. It was an uncommon college experience but one that challenged us to be better than we thought we could be. It focused us on attention to detail and the importance of the team. Originally, I questioned whether I could make it through the first few weeks. Over time, we all gained confidence in each other and ourselves. Then we recognized that we were leading each other. As we progressed through our college experience we realized that we were leading the classes that came behind us. We became the leaders that led us. Looking back, this is an experience that truly shaped my life and memories that I will always hold fondly in my memory.

What are you currently reading?

The One Thing by Gary Keller. A few years ago I looked at the bookshelf in my office and was amazed at the number of leadership and business books I had acquired through numerous leadership sessions. I realized the books all had good approaches that would work. I then thought about why the theories didn't seem to make into my disciplined daily action. I realized I needed to pick one and follow it. I then found The One Thing. It seems to summarize purpose, values, action and happiness in one strategy. I have cleared my bookshelf and have decided to keep The One Thing as the strategy I will carry forward. Of course, as a Villanova Catholic, I must also list the Bible as the true "one thing" that will, along with my Catholic faith, truly provide purpose, values, action and happiness in my life.

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