Grace McGill

'14 VSB

Talent Consultant, LinkedIn

Favorite class at VSB and why?

I found Corporate Restructuring to be a really impactful class during my last semester at Villanova. Not only did Dr. Olson teach us about mergers and acquisitions, but also there was a particular emphasis on Veritas, Unitas, Caritas. The curriculum included valuation projects and a project working alongside a local non-profit, The Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation, to solve some of their operational challenges. I loved building on the lessons and themes we learned throughout our time as students at Villanova in this course.

Most important thing you learned?

Villanova taught me the power of relationships, the importance of ethics and the value of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Favorite Villanova memory?

You can’t beat the energy and spirit of Candidate’s Day! I fell in love with Villanova all over again with the prospective students and their families.

What are you currently reading?

Conscious Business by Fred Kofman.

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