Christopher A. Lee

'99 MBA

Director of Philanthropy, The Scripps Research Institute

Favorite class at VSB and why?

Business Ethics with Professor Nick Rongione. Professor Rongione constantly challenged us to evaluate how we made important decisions and what the results of those decisions might mean to you, your employees, your company and its stakeholders. No matter what the academic discipline, those same critical thinking skills and lessons always applied. I have had him in my head challenging me with his patented provocative questions at key decision points through my whole career. And I also want to express my strong endorsement for Dr. Charles Taylor in the Marketing department. I had the pleasure of working closely with him in my role as graduate assistant and believe his work and professionalism are at an elite level. He is a great example of the world-class faculty at the VSB and represents the strong future ahead for the organization in student experience, organizational prestige and advancement in the field of study.

Most important thing you learned?

Despite all the academic knowledge I gained from each course, the most important thing I learned was the power of teamwork and bringing a group of diverse thinkers together to attack a project and a problem. I also learned the importance of networking with talented professionals from varied industries.

Favorite Villanova memory?

Working with graduate school colleagues on a number of challenging and informative group projects and case studies, including the MarkStrat exercise with Joe Gekoski.

What are you currently reading?

Smarter, Faster, Better (Charles Duigg); Thinking, Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahneman); The Art of Learning (Joshua Waitzkin); Harvard Business Review; Wall Street Journal

Christopher Lee

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