Catherine Honohan

'11 COE
'15 MBA

Business Analyst, Merrill Lynch

Favorite class at VSB and why?

The International Immersion elective in Dubai was my favorite class at VSB because it offered growth educationally, professionally and personally. I learned about culture in the Middle East and how it affects business while making some lifelong friends. I would recommend this class to anyone completing their MBA at Villanova.

Most important thing you learned?

The most important thing I learned at Villanova was how to become a better negotiator. In my final semester, I took a Negotiations class with Professor Quinetta Roberson that would benefit all students, inside and outside of VSB. Negotiation happens every day in life, and it is important to know how you can reach decisions you are happy with.

Favorite Villanova memory?

My favorite memory is storming the court when Villanova played Syracuse in January 2013.

What are you currently reading?

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

Catherine Honohan

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