Anthony Cerone

'16 VSB

Advisory Associate, Grant Thornton LLP

Favorite class at VSB and why?

Emerging Technologies taught by Stephen Andriole was my favorite VSB class. In this class, we discussed the changing business environment in regards to emerging technologies. The class took us through the different technologies impacting businesses and how our careers will be affected by them. The class was taught emphasizing class discussion, stimulating readings, and Dr. Andriole’s insightful experience in the real world. Not only was the class extremely enjoyable to take part in, but I feel as though I gained an exceptional amount of knowledge from the class. I looked forward to sitting in that class every day and gaining the valuable experience taught in Emerging Technologies.

Most important thing you learned?

Within the VSB curriculum, I learned that we have the ability to change the world. We are equipped with a valuable education that allows us to make incredible personal advances within the business world. The name of the university on my diploma not only represents the value of lessons that I learned, but it also exposes me to an incredible network of professionals that I can tap into at any point within my career. VSB taught me the value of reaching out to those individuals, creating a network of my own, and leveraging that network to the benefit of all Villanovans. We all have a responsibility to lift those up around us, and an obligation to better the world around us.

Favorite Villanova memory?

My favorite memory as a Villanovan is watching the 2016 NCAA National Championship win in Houston. I was sitting in the student section for the game and was shocked when Kris Jenkins’ three pointer went in. I loved how everyone in the student section was celebrating and hugging each other. Even those who didn’t know each other were happy to embrace each other in hugs and high-fives. This just goes to show how tight knit the Villanova community is and how much of a family we have all become. Villanova is more than just a school, it is a valuable connection to others who have gone before us and who will come after us.

What are you currently reading?

I am currently planning to start reading Billion-Dollar Ball: A Journey Through the Big-Money Culture of College Football by Gilbert M. Gaul. The book explores the world of NCAA football and the impact it has on Universities. I am excited to challenge myself in future reading throughout the rest of my life and have created a reading list to continue to do so.

Anthony Cerone

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