Alyssa Capik

'16 MBA - Strategic Management and Marketing

Procurement - Market Research Category Manager, Campbell Soup Company

Favorite class at VSB and why?

My favorite class was my MBA 8650 – Marketing class taught by Jay Einspanier. Not only was it challenging and insightful, but I truly felt that I learned the important connections that marketing has within an entire company. The MarketStrat game was exciting and I found the cases we reported on to be the most engaging. Jay is a fantastic professor. I was nervous at first because I heard his class was “difficult”; but, it turned out to be my one of my favorite classes of the program!

Most important thing you learned?

The most important thing I learned at Villanova was the ability to expand my critical thinking skills beyond my own day-to-day job. I learned to take the information that I had learned in my undergrad business degree and apply them in a strategic way. I learned not to be afraid to ask the “silly” business questions that everyone appears to know, because chances are, they may not know the answers either. I learned to be confident in my abilities both personally and professionally. Most importantly, I learned more about myself and the value I can bring to any business challenge that comes my way.

Favorite Villanova memory?

My favorite memory of Villanova happens to be the Leadership Challenge I workshop taught by Professor Steve Stumpf. That entire weekend was filled with stimulating activities and really made me feel like I was truly a part of the MBA program. I formed friendships and networks that I still have today.

What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading Thinking, Fast and Slow by Danial Kahneman. I received this book from my MBA 8650 – Marketing professor, John “Jay” Einspanier. His advice was to never stop reading; not only will it improve your knowledge base, but it will keep your mind fit and young.

Alyssa Capik

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