Allison Meade

'16 VSB

Financial Markets Advisory Analyst, BlackRock

Favorite class at VSB and why?

Strategic Thinking and Implementation because this class incorporated all the different areas of business and brought them together to examine through a business strategy perspective. It helped me better understand how business units interact with one another and helped me develop a holistic view of how companies function.

Most important thing you learned?

There is always more to learn! My experience at VSB was shaped by two study abroad experiences, a triple major, and a whirlwind of VSB events. The main impression these things made on me is that you can never know everything, and it is always valuable to learn something new and try to understand perspectives of people who differ from you.

Favorite Villanova memory?

Going to Houston to watch Villanova win the NCAA 2016 Men’s Basketball Championship from the student section with all my best friends!

What are you currently reading?

Good to Great – Jim Collins